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    Transforming Future

    This are some of the insights and perk of learners who are part of Yodaafy community. We are always ready to take up challenges to get you a better future.






    Students Satisfaction and Placement Stats!


    Current Statistics of Great Opportunity

    These are some recently curated statistical data of the requirement according to market demand. This will help you to analyze the demand and it will always increase with time.

    Opportunity Demand

    The demand for AI, data science, and gen AI professionals is surging, with 58 million jobs expected by 2025, driven by rapid adoption across industries.

    University Accreditation

    IIT 's and MIT's are incorporating AI, data science, and gen AI into their curriculum, driven by the growing demand for professionals in these fields.


    Our Platform Features

    We have developed interface for learns to get them most productive through out their journey towards better future. 


    Live Classes and Lifetime LMS​


    Engage in real-time learning with live classes, then access course materials anytime with a lifetime LMS.


    Prescheduled Classes for Learners


    Prescheduled classes offer structure and flexibility, fitting seamlessly into your busy life.


    Innovative Learning Resources​


    Engaging resources and interesting modules with updated personalized learning materials for all.

    Personalized Learning

    Personalized Paths for adapting content to individual needs, optimizing engagement


    Personalized Learning Paths empower learners with curated journeys, adapting content and assessments for individual needs, optimizing educational outcomes.

    Live Projects

    Integrated live projects and enhancing real-world application for upskilling


    We have integrated live projects, enhancing real-world application of skills, bridging theory and practice, promoting experiential learning for learners.


    Our Learners made it special!

    Some of learners have shared their experiences and success stories they have gained with the guidance with Yodaafy. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some generally asked question and doubts for our upcoming learners and future leaders

    What are the courses about?
    There are multiple courses starting from Data analytics, Data Science, GEN AI and Cyber Security. Based on your understanding and based on your upskill target you can choose what suits you the best.
    I see a difference in prices, what is that about?
    Most of our Self Learning Plans(SLP) are designed keeping industry trends and requirements in mind. Since most of our learners do not have much time, it’s important to consider what works the best for them. Most of the differences and advantages of the courses will be explained in detail by our career counselor. Book a call at +91 84208 27905
    What is the Foundation Course About?
    Presently we offer Foundational Courses in GEN AI and CYBER SECURITY. Both the courses are in collaboration with Institutes to give our candidates maximum advantages. Both the courses are taken by trainers from the industry who have worked in companies like PWC, Deloitte, KPMG among others.
    Is Placement Provided?
    Yes, for the Foundational Courses. If you perform all the required activities and complete the required exam and assignments. Our placement team along with placement teams of our Tie up institutes would help sit for interviews.
    How many Interviews can we expect?
    That totally depends upon the time of placement. In favorable condition it can go up to 3-4 interviews in a month. But we expect our students to take chances on the 1st offer they get as we would like to keep slots open for other candidates too.
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