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Become A Top Performer In Your Industry By Learning The Basics.

Whether you want to learn the basics of Data Analytics or Data science or learn Advanced Machine Learning and build Agents with Generative AI. All it takes is an initiative to learn and get a high paying job.

Upskill, Update & Get A High Paying Job.

The demand for professionals in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, and generative AI (gen AI) is surging, with top universities like IIT and MIT incorporating these fields into their curricula to meet the growing need. By 2025, 58 million jobs related to data science and AI are expected to be generated, driven by the increasing amount of data generated and the need to use this data to solve real-world problems.
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Who are we?

About Yodaafy
Yodaafy, a Joint Venture with INT. (Indus Net Technologies) is a community based Up-Skilling Platform. Yodaafy specialises in Gen AI, Data Analytics, Data Science Training and AI Transformation for companies. In Yodaafy we train candidates and help them achieve new heights through career accelerated programs across the industry

Our Achievements

Transforming Future

This are some of the insights and perk of learners who are part of Yodaafy community. We are always ready to take up challenges to get you a better future.






Students Satisfaction and Placement Stats!

What makes us different?

Solution to Problems!

Empowering learners of all ages to achieve their full potential through personalized education, that’s what is all about. Level up your skills with expert curated content and adaptive learning technology. It’s time to get serious about your future.

Assured Interviews and Placements

Guaranteed job interviews and placements with professional career support.

Live Projects

Integrated live projects and enhancing real-world application for upskilling

Personalized Learning

Tailoring educational experiences to individual needs, preferences, and learning styles.

Practical Application Focused

Studies emphasizing practical, real-world applications in various professional fields.


Current Statistics of Great Opportunity

These are some recently curated statistical data of the requirement according to market demand. This will help you to analyze the demand and it will always increase with time.

Opportunity Demand

The demand for AI, data science, and gen AI professionals is surging, with 58 million jobs expected by 2025, driven by rapid adoption across industries.

University Accreditation

IIT 's and MIT's are incorporating AI, data science, and gen AI into their curriculum, driven by the growing demand for professionals in these fields.


Our Learners made it special!

Some of learners have shared their experiences and success stories they have gained with the guidance with Yodaafy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some generally asked question and doubts for our upcoming learners and future leaders

How can we get started?
Our Program Advisor team will be in touch with you as soon as your interest reaches us! The detail information about the curriculum will be elaborated. After clearing your doubts and then few hours Finance Team will be there to complete all remaining proceedings.
How we will support you?
We be available to support every time you have any queries and a Learning Management System will be provided to get all your recordings of the sessions. We will providing you end to end assistance and support to get yourself placed.
Do we need a Computer Science degree?
We don’t think that any degree can mitigate you passion towards opportunities in the field of Data and technology. However it is always have a advantage in the outer world.
How my doubts will get solved?
You will have live sessions where you can cleared them on spot. LMS will be provided to get access of all your recordings of the sessions and then also we will provide extra doubt clearing sessions if required.
How can I get benefit from the program?
This program is designed to provide you Personalized and Structured learning path. You can get exposures from the Top Mentors towards new edges of technology. The Interactive and Engaging content will make you understand complex problems easy.
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