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through Individualized curriculum.


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Curriculum Features

We have developed interface for learns to get them most productive through out their journey towards better future. 

10+ Projects

Live Project to 10+ Live guided Project.

Dive into real-world application with 10+ live guided projects, transforming theory into tangible expertise.

120+ Hours

Personalized Learning and Live Mentorship.

Unlock personalized growth through 120+ hours of live mentorship, tailoring your learning journey to your unique aspirations and goals..

20+ Libraries

Resources to 20+ Libraries and Framework.

Unlock a treasure trove of resources spanning 20+ libraries and frameworks, fueling your projects with endless possibilities.

150+ Hours

Learning from 150+ Hours of Advance Material.

Dive into a sea of knowledge, 150+ hours strong,
Where learning's current guides you, the journey's lifelong song.

30+ Hours

Preschedule to 30+ hours of doubt solving.

Unlocking minds, Preschedule paves the way, With 30+ hours, doubts dissolve, confidence holds sway.

What will you Learn in the program?
15+ Modules to help you master the concepts of Gen AI. Start from Machine Learning and reach GEN AI by mastering the basics.


  • Basic Estimation and Classification Algorithm
  • Ensemble methods
  • Training-Testing Validation
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Overfitting
  • Clustering Algorithm
  • Dimensionality Problem
  • Neural Network
  • Error and Loss
  • Introduction to Deep Neural Networks
  • Optimizers for Deep Learning
  • Application on Deep Learning to Image
  • Applications of Deep Learning to NLP
  • LLMs Models
  • Generative Models
  • Application of Generative Models
What Perks will you get in the program?

Project Building with Live Mentors

You would be working on 10 Different Projects - That is 2 Projects for every module every week.

Lifetime access to LMS and Modules

You would be learning Advanced Excel, Python, Power BI, Tableau, SQL and Prompts for Chat GPT.

Interactive and Updated Learning Modules

Engage learners with interactive and continually refreshed learning modules for dynamic educational experiences.

Develop Real World Problem Solving Skills

Cultivate practical problem-solving abilities through experiential learning tailored to real-world challenges.

Build LinkedIn and Video Resume

Our Mentors would help you in building your profile, along with ATS friendly resume to ensure you get a job.

Internship Certificate with a Capstone Project.

Every Cohort will do a capstone Project which would be to Earn the Stipend and use it as your Portfolio Project.

Our Achievements

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Why this Program is for you?

Identify the reason behind this session who have recommended the best for learners like you!

You are a fresher who is looking for a job in data field and wants relevant job experience

In the age of AI, Education and Data is available with just one click of an AI, but a relevant job experience is not. We help you get trained in relevant job experience because THAT'S WHAT MATTERS

You are a professional in any field and see upskilling in data as necessary.

You observe that in your profession, upskilling and knowledge of data concepts such as Excel, SQL, and Python is helping people earn 100%* raises, thus it makes sense for you to get involved with projects in these areas for career growth.

You are a freelancer and real-world project experience to elevate your career to new heights.

When you follow the trend, working as a freelancer can be quite profitable. The projects designed give you the added benefit of having certifications, which you can add to your LIVE PORTFOLIO to acquire new freelance projects based on them.

You are a tech enthusiast looking to change your career to data analysis/science.

You may be someone who works in a completely different sector and feels that AI is the future, but in order to enter the field of AI to build career in it you must first understand that working with data is a prerequisite requirement.

Unleash Your Potential: Get Certified Today!

Elevate your skills, boost your career, and gain industry recognition with a prestigious certification.​ In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. Earning a certification is a powerful way to demonstrate your expertise, commitment to your field, and dedication to professional development. Whether you’re looking to land your dream job, secure a promotion, or command a higher salary, certification can be your key to unlocking success.


We have Personalized Plans!

Some of learners have shared their experiences and success stories they have gained with the guidance with Yodaafy. 


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Advantage of this Program over others!


Each module features 10 live projects, providing hands-on experience and practical application of concepts. These provides opportunities for learner to develop critical skills and gain invaluable insights, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.


Obtain a certification for each completed project to enhance the appeal of your GIT profile to recruiters. Demonstrating your skills and accomplishments through certifications adds credibility and value, increasing your chances of securing opportunities.


Gain valuable experience through a paid internship, engaging in a real-time company project. Elevate your profile by 250% by applying practical skills and gaining insights into industry practices, setting you apart in your career journey.


Gain access to a comprehensive database of HR professionals actively seeking candidates like you. Explore a diverse range of opportunities tailored to your profile, maximizing your chances of finding the perfect fit for your career advancement.
Your Eligible Companies
Why right now is the Best time to join?


Our Learners made it special!

Some of learners have shared their experiences and success stories they have gained with the guidance with Yodaafy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some generally asked question and doubts for our upcoming learners and future leaders

How can we get started?
Our Program Advisor team will be in touch with you as soon as your interest reaches us! The detail information about the curriculum will be elaborated. After clearing your doubts and then few hours Finance Team will be there to complete all remaining proceedings.
Do we need a Computer Science degree?
We don’t think that any degree can mitigate you passion towards opportunities in the field of Data and technology. However it is always have a advantage in the outer world.
How can I get benefit from the program?
This program is designed to provide you Personalized and Structured learning path. You can get exposures from the Top Mentors towards new edges of technology. The Interactive and Engaging content will make you understand complex problems easy.
How we will support you?
We be available to support every time you have any queries and a Learning Management System will be provided to get all your recordings of the sessions. We will providing you end to end assistance and support to get yourself placed.
What is the duration of the program?
The average duration of the program will be around 6 Months. And after few months you will be making you sit for Internships. After completion of course and gathering some experience we can move forward with placements.
How my doubts will get solved?
You will have live sessions where you can cleared them on spot. LMS will be provided to get access of all your recordings of the sessions and then also we will provide extra doubt clearing sessions if required.
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